5 Best Makeup Filters on Instagram Stories

Are you an Instagram enthusiast looking for new ideas to make your photos stand out? Well, we bring a list of makeup filters you can use to beautify your pictures on Instagram.

The use of makeup filters is not new on Instagram. Previously you had filters to remove blemishes, smooth out your face. It is time to upgrade those filters and your Instagram pictures, looking like a work of art.

Before digging deep into these filters, there is one thing to note here. Using filters on Instagram does not imply you are any less beautiful or lack something in your natural being. Makeup filters are a way to play with your pictures.

Using them on your face will instantly increase your confidence and boost your morale when presenting yourself in front of others. Besides, creative activities like these are an excellent way to air your inspirational spirit. 

If you have used makeup filters on Instagram before and are not satisfied with the look, my suggestion is to try again. After all, you never know when creativity dawn upon you.

Let’s have a look at some of the best makeup filters to increase your followers on Instagram.

Beautiful face by @yuka.kors

This is a very refreshing filter that gives you a fresh look with the long-awaited long lashes. Gone are the days when you had to fiddle with the fake lashes before taking a beautiful picture. 

With this Instagram selfie filter, you will get a lovely face by the tap of a click on your Instagram profile. This feature will give you the best selfies by spreading a radiant glow on your picture. For all the selfie enthusiasts, here is something you were looking for for so long.

Make_Francesca by @francesca

Make_Francesca is another makeup filter on Instagram. If you feel your pictures don’t have fresh color when clicked, this filter is a must-have for you. With this filter on, your photographs will look brighter with a sprint of freshness by evening-out your complexion. 

Do you struggle when applying the perfect liner to your eyes? With this filter, the job is easier than it was ever before. Put a colored line on your eyes with Make_Francesca. You will get various color options to choose from. Say goodbye to expensive makeup products with this filter under the tap of your finger

Glitter lips by @Instagram

Top Instagram Beauty Filters

Are you fond of glittery looks? This Instagram beauty filter will let you choose between 70 glittery eyes for your Instagram story. 

Make your pictures brighter with a dash of glitter on your face taking you back in time.

Cute bronze blonde by @top.beauty_

Are you thinking of dying your hair blond? Are you afraid to try you out? With this filter, you can go blond and see how you look without actually dying your hair. You will get shiny blond hair with this makeup filter on Instagram.

The filter does not just end at giving you blond hair, but it is more than that. Get fuller lips, a smoother and blemish-free face, and beautiful longer lashes with this filter.

With this filter, you have a complete tool kit to give you an instant makeover and shock your family with your transformed hair.

Cute Baby

If you are fond of cute babyish faces, this filter is for you. With this filter, you will get a soft look and a thinner and sharper nose. 

You can also apply eye-liner on your enhanced and brighter eyes with a cute butterfly on your nose.

Eyelashes by @Instagram

We all know how difficult it is to put the lashes on your eyes. When applying a filter, you may not find the right kind and shape of lashes perfectly suitable to you. So, here is a special lash filter to choose the right one. 

In this filter, you can choose from three styles ranging from natural to thicker. With the slide bar visible on the screen while this filter is on, you can increase or decrease the picture’s saturation and color. 

Glow hair by @top.beauty_

If you are one of those who is always trying new hair colors, this one is the coolest filter for you. You can see how a color looks on your face before you dye your hair.

This filter is the easiest way to trick your followers and friends into thinking you have again changed your hair color. You also get a natural makeup look to perfect the look.

Sheff’s makeup by @sheffpavelstylist

The next one is this filter by Sheff Pavel is one of the best filters to get a sun-kissed look. A natural tan will give a warm look to your face. You can choose from three makeup filters to suit your style.

Makeup and creative looks are a passion for many. Not all the time, you are in the mood to put on the actual makeup. These makeup filters come handily in those times. You can use them according to your requirements to get the best looks.

Did we miss some the best Makeup Filters on Instagram Stories? Let us know which ones in the comment section below!

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