How to Choose the Right Sunscreen for Your Skin?

We all have different skin types due to various reasons, such as age, gender, and work. Some of us work mostly in the office while others work outdoors and therefore are exposed to direct sunlight for a long duration.

Therefore, choosing the right sunscreen is different for everyone. Now, let’s take a look at the types of sunscreen that are recommended for each skin type. 

The Guide to Choose the Right Sunscreen for your Skin

how choose sunscreen oily skin

Sunscreen for Oily Skin 

The texture of the sunscreen should be lightweight such as gel or serum as it can easily absorb into the skin without causing clogged pores.

These are generally chemical sunscreens. Bearing in mind that sunscreen has an oil-free formula to help reduce the oiliness of the skin. 

  • SPF for Oily Skin: If you are exposed to sunlight often then you should aim for SPF 30 and PA+++. Alternatively, those working at home or in an office can choose sunscreens with SPF 15 and PA++ or PA+++ to protect from blue light that is emitted from devices and neon lights in offices. 

Sunscreen for Dry Skin 

We recommend sunscreen creams that are enriched with hydrating ingredients, hence, helps with moisturizing your face without leaving flaky cream marks behind.

To avoid possible irritation, go for sunscreens with at least as chemicals as possible or even better chemicals free. 

  • SPF for Dry Skin: Choosing a creamy and moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and PA+++ is key for those who are constantly exposed to the sun. SPF 15  is sufficient for those who spend most of the time inside. 

sunscreen for dry skin

Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin:

Many people get mixed up between sensitive skin and allergy-prone skin.

In fact, sensitive skin reacts more quickly to chemicals than allergy-prone skin.

Therefore, those with sensitive skin should avoid using sunscreens that contain fragrance, alcohol, or paraben as ingredients. The best solution is to go for organic sunscreens or sunscreens for kids that are in gel or serum form.

Don’t forget to make sure that your sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB. Plus, the sunscreen should be lightweight and easy to apply. 

  • SPF for Sensitive Skin: There is a higher chance that you can get burned from the sun. When choosing your sunscreen, double-check that it has SPF 30 or higher and with PA +++ to protect your skin from burning, wrinkles, dark spots, and freckles. 

Sunscreen for Allergy-Prone Skin:

To avoid clogged pores, sunburn, and a red rash, use sunscreens that are not mixed with chemicals, perfume, or alcohol.

The sunscreen should be a gel-water mousse as it can easily blend into the skin. As a matter of fact, physical sunscreens are most suitable for allergy-prone skin as they contain fewer chemicals. 

  • SPF for Allergy-Prone Skin: For long exposure with sunlight, SPF 30 with PA +++ is best. As for those who are mostly in the shade, SPF 15 and PA ++ will do the job. 

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen whether it’s a gel, serum, lotion, or spray, the first step is to know the skin type you have and your lifestyle.

Always try to remember that SPF is for protecting against skin burn whereas PA indicates the effectiveness of the sunscreen to prevent UVA that consequently leads to premature aging such as wrinkles and dark spots.

The next time you go shopping for a sunscreen, look out for the ingredients especially if you have sensitive skin. We hope from reading this article you are more confident in choosing the sunscreen that best fits you.

Do you need additional advice for choosing the right sunscreen for your skin? Our Skincare experts are here to answer your questions, just comment below!


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