How to Take Collagen Effectively?

Did you know that your body can naturally create collagen until you turn 20?

The slow-down in production can start as soon as you hit your mid or late 20s.

As a result, your skin starts to sag and wrinkles start appearing. Taking collagen supplements is now a buzz and collagen products are now popping everywhere.

Collagen is definitely most known for its anti-aging properties that help to repair the skin and replenish the skin’s structure to become smooth and firm.

Before you start adding collagen into your daily routine, we first must have to answer important questions such as, “what’s the best way to take collagen” and  “how many times you should take collagen a day”.

In this article, we will answer these burning questions to get the fullest benefits of collagen. 

how to take collagen

What are the Ways to Take Collagen Effectively? 

Collagen is often considered as the “glue” that holds everything together like our joints and tendon.

Today, there are hundreds of collagen supplements available in the market and with it there are also many different suggestions on how to take it. If you intend to take collagen, read this article to ensure that you are taking collagen effectively

Best Way to take collagen

Choose Marine Collagen

Generally speaking, marine collagen is the best option to go for as the collagen consists of smaller peptides (pieces of protein).

As a consequence, the collagen is 1.5 times more easily digested and absorbed through the body for repair and building strength and elasticity for the skin.

More than this, marine collagen is primary type 1 and type 1 collagen is the most abundant type of collagen in the human body. This means that marine collagen is the most similar in structure to human collagen.

As a result, the body can create the skin structure quickly and efficiently with more noticeable results. 

Take Collagen with an Empty Stomach 

To get the most out of the collage, take it during an empty stomach.

The reasoning behind this is that if you take collagen along with food or when your stomach is still full with food, your body will absorb the food nutrients and therefore cannot absorb collagen as much.

The most optimal times to take collagen are before bed or immediately after waking up because these are times when your stomach is still empty. Also, the collagen can be absorbed without being destroyed by stomach acid. 

If it is inconvenient for you to take collagen with an empty stomach then it is recommended to wait 2 – 3 hours after you have eaten to get the best results. The most important thing is to take collagen consistently everyday

Drinks Lots of Water

Guide to take collagen

Collagen supplements and extracts require water to assist in dissolving in the body. When you are hydrated, everything is better.

Drinking water is not only beneficial for your help but helps to optimize collagen efficiency

Take Collagen with Vitamin C

Tips to take collagen

You often hear that collagen should be taken with vitamin c. But why vitamin c?

Well, firstly studies have found that vitamin c increases collagen protein synthesis for repair or damaged skin.

Also, vitamin c helps in absorption processes therefore collagen is more likely to work at full capacity. Eating vitamin c from food sources is therefore essential for natural collagen production

Take Collagen Before Bed 

Collagen Administration Guide

Taking collagen before bed increases the effectiveness of the collagen and the results can be seen more clearly. Your body starts to naturally repair itself during your sleep.

Taking collagen at this time means that the body will be able to fully utilize nutrients from the collagen and achieve the best results.

Besides, the presence of glycine (an amino acid that makes up ⅓ of collagen) promotes healthy sleep patterns making it an excellent choice before bed. 

Deciding to start taking collagen as a supplement is often an easy choice due to its various benefits.

However, the not-so-easy part can be when it comes to deciding what type of collagen to take.

Below are some ways to differentiate between collagen powder and collagen capsules to help you decide which type is best for you. 

  • Collagen Powder is the most popular type of collagen supplement that can be easily blended into smoothies, juices and water. Collagen powder usually dissolves in liquid and is easier to absorb than collagen capsules. People generally like it because you can mix it with something you like drinking.
    In addition, it’s also easy to control exactly how much collagen you get in your body. We definitely recommend reading the label first as collagen powder can contain sugar so that it is easier to drink.
  • Collagen Capsules take about 30 minutes to dissolve. These are definitely more convenient and preferred by those who don’t want to spend time mixing their collagen.
    A possible drawback with collagen capsules is the dose as the capsules are not that big. Therefore, you may have to take more pills in order to get the same amount. 

All in all, choosing between collagen powder and collagen capsules really come down to personal preference. Choose the method that is easy for you to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Ways to Increase Collagen Absorption in the Body and to Last Longer 

How to Increase Collagen Absorption
  • Avoid exposure to strong sunlight by applying sunblock and carry an umbrella 
  • Reduce stress by engaging in stress-relieving activities 
  • Get Enough Sleep. At least 7 – 8 hours per day 
  • Eat healthy food and all 5 groups. Stop junk food and fried food that are not necessary 
  • Drink enough water, at least 8 – 10 glasses per day. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is recommended to take between 5,000 5,000 – 7,000 milligram of collagen per day.

Consuming over 10,000 milligrams of collagen per day can lead to danger. In addition, always read the label and look out for hydrolyzed collagen as it is easier for the body to absorb. 

We hope this article has helped you understand the different ways to take collagen to maximize its benefits. The most important factor is that you are doing it consistently.

Therefore, try to add collagen in your daily routine in ways that you can enjoy it the most to make it a habit.

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